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Furniture Making


Introduction to Woodworking (CSW 101)

The first of a three course series, Introduction to Woodworking, introduces students to basic woodworking techniques and assists them in completing weekly practice projects.

Length: 9 Weeks  |  Prerequisite: None


Methods of Mortise and Tenon Joinery (CSW 102)

The second of a three course series, Methods of Mortise and tenon Joinery, guides students through the construction of an end table using a variety of basic furniture making methods.

Length: 9 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: CSW 101


Techniques of Machining Wood (CSW 103)

The third and final course of a three course series, Techniques of Matching Wood, introduces students to more advanced furniture making methods and culminates with the building of an entryway table.

Length: 9 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: CSW 102


Morris Chair (104)

Length: 9 Weeks | Prerequisite 103


Open Shop (CSW 201)

Graduates of the three part introductory series (101, 102 & 103) can continue grow their skills by pursuing projects of their own choice/design and also participate in advanced projects.

Length: Ongoing  |   Prerequisite: CSW 103


Introduction to Cabinetry (CSW 111)

Introduction to cabinet making takes the student through the steps of designing and making a basic cabinet from plywood.  The student will complete a small cabinet with a drawer and a door, using the same techniques that would be used to build kitchen face-frame cabinets or bathroom vanities.

Length: 9 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: None


Joiner’s Tool Chest (CSW 161)

In this class you will learn about the basic hand tools, setting and tuning them, and their use while making your own Joiner’s tool chest which can hold a complete set of hand tools while still being able to fit on top of a work bench.

Length: 9 Weeks |  Prerequisite: None

Specialty Classes


Beginner and Intermediate Woodturning (CSW 121 & 122)

In this class you will learn about the lathe, its accessories, and the tools used to shape wood. Students will watch demonstrations, then apply what they have learned to independant work overseen and guided by the instructor.

Length: 9 Weeks  |  Prerequisite: None


Scroll Saw (CSW 141)

In this introductory class, students will learn about all the parts, features and functions of the scroll saw and how to safely use a scroll saw to make intricate curves and openings in wood.

Length: 9 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: None

Marquetry (CSW 142)

Add a decorative flair to your woodworking. Betsy Pepper will teach you to make beautiful pictures from veneers of various colored woods. In week one, you will learn the essential scroll saw techniques.

Length: 5 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: None


Stereo Speaker Building (CSW 151)

Students will learn the fundamentals of speaker theory, design, and construction. Basic woodworking, electrical wiring and soldering will be covered.

Length: 9 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: None

Stereo Speaking Building: Subwoofer (CSW 152)

Length: 9 Weeks  |   Prerequisite: CSW 151


Seminars are one or two day classes, typically held on weekends.


Wood Turning Seminars

A variety of One-day and Two-day Weekend Seminars |   Prerequisite: None

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Introductory Chip Carving (CSW 131)

June 22 and 23, 2019.

August 24 and 25, 2019

Sat/Sun 9am-4pm |  Prerequisite: None


Intermediate Chip Carving: Design (CSW 132)

Learn the attractive and delightful art of chip carving. This decorative style of carving is quickly and easily acquired using only two knives. This class will be conducted by Wayne Barton, considered the preeminent master of chip carving in North America.

October 26 and 27, 2019

Sat/Sun 9am-4pm  |  Prerequisite: CSW 131


Introduction to the Scroll Saw (CSW 140)

Guest instructor Mike Tipp, will be teaching a 4-hour seminar on Scroll Saw fundamentals. You will learn about the parts, features and functions of the scroll saw. Some of the topics included are: safety, blade type and size, how fast to cut, how to tension the blade, how to operate the scroll saw, and pattern transfer. Students will be given exercises to practice techniques.

Sat 9am-1pm  |  Prerequisite: None


Introduction to Band Saw Boxes (CSW 145)

Guest instructor Larry Anderson will guide you through the basics of making beautiful boxes using the band saw. Each student will complete two original one of a kind boxes.

Sat 9am-4pm |   Prerequisite: None

Band Saw Box II(CSW 146)

Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 9am-1pm | Prerequisite: CSW 145

Band Saw Box III(CSW 147)

Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 9am-1pm | Prerequisite: CSW 145


Weekend Scroll Sawing for Kids (CSW 045)

The Scroll Saw is the safest tool in the shop and can be used to make shapes, puzzles, and decorative ornaments out of wood. This class great for young artists and tinkerers interested in working with wood.

Sat 9am-Noon |   Prerequisite: None | Age: 10 and older