Traditional Tool Tote


Length: 9 Weeks
Price: $485.00 + materials
Prerequisite: 101

This nine week course is intended for the hand tool enthusiast. Each student will create a tote that can be proudly used for years to hold his or her hand tools and make transporting those tools easy and convenient.  In addition to chisels and saws, students will be required to use hand planes (low angle jack planes, rabbet planes, block planes and router planes) spoke shaves and more.  The course will include detailed plans to reference during the build, and class time will include instructor demos to familiarize students with these tools.  Total class time for the nine week period is 22.5 hours.  A reasonable time estimate to build the tote is approximately 30 hours so there will be “homework.”  We will be offering this course on Sunday afternoons from 12:30 to 3:00 but will allow interested students to continue working beyond 3:00 until the shop closes.

The cost for this course is $485.  An additional materials fee of $40 will be required as all of the wood (poplar) for your tote will be pre milled and supplied by the school.  If a student wishes to use different species of wood, please contact the instructor (Jeff Zimmerman) not less than two weeks prior to the class to discuss the timing for acquiring and pre milling your boards.

This class is not currently being offered.