Traditional Spoon Carving


Saturday, Canceled, 2018,
Prerequisite: None

Price: $150 plus $60 tools and materials

Wooden spoons have a long and storied history, dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians. They’ve been made in virtually every country on Earth, and include a staggering array of designs and traditions. In many cases, they were one of the few possessions an individual owned, being passed down across generations. To this day, a spoon is one of the first tools a child learns to use.

Using only an axe and a few knives, wooden spoon are typically made of green wood, harvested directly from the forest. With no sawmill or lumber yard acting as intermediary, they can provide a tangible connection to the materials that is often lacking in modern woodworking.

In this workshop, we’ll cover everything involved in carving beautiful, functional, traditional spoons from rough blanks, including topics such as safety, knife grips, axe work, and stock and grain selection.

Please come dressed prepared to get covered in wood chips!