Tool Hacks and Jigs

Tool Hacks and Jigs

Sataturday, 9am-4pm

February 22 , 2020

Price: $225.00

Your tools are not sacred objects. And the ways you use them are not sacred rituals. Tools are tools. They are objects designed to help you to get things done. You’re supposed to be the master of your tools, and they are supposed to serve your needs. They don’t come with a set of rules. They are not to be revered. Rather, they are to be respected and appreciated for doing a good job.

This class is all about mastering your tools in ways that are at times unconventional, at times unusual, and at times, just plain heretical. But at all times these jigs, approaches, and even modifications are more accurate, more repeatable, and more useful. And always safe; that sort of tool hack just isn’t smart.

We’ll cover simple and sometimes a little more complicated jigs that will help you use your hand tools, routers, and some stationary machines more effectively. And we’ll build a handful of simple jigs as well. Jeff will also demonstrate (and provide drawings for) many other jigs for maximizing you woodworking with many of your tools.

Jeff is a successful Chicago-based furniture designer and maker who teaches workshops and seminars all across the country. He is the author of four woodworking books (and is currently working on a new book on furniture design), and dozens of articles for both Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking magazines.

The emphasis Saturday will be on hand tools and jigs. The emphasis Sunday will be on power tools and machine and jigs. You can sign up for one or both days.


Tools to Bring: Stay tuned, we are working on a tool list
You can bring a lunch, or eat out.