Introduction to Cabinetry (CSW 111)

Length: 9 Weeks
Price: $495.00
Prerequisite: None

The first 5 weeks of Introduction to Cabinet Making takes the student through the steps of designing and making a basic cabinet from plywood.  The student will complete a small bedside table or entertainment stand using the same techniques that would be used to build kitchen face-frame cabinets or bathroom vanities. This cabinet will have finished shelves for storage. In weeks 6 and 7 students will learn to construct and install a drawer. Weeks 8 and 9 will cover cabinet door construction and installation.

Students need to purchase 3 pieces of 3/4″ B-2 Birch plywood measuring 48″ x 24″ cut so that the grain is running lengthwise, and 3/4″ S4S poplar, either 3-pcs of 7.25″ W x 72″ L, or 4-pcs of 5.5″ W x 72″ L, and should bring them to the first class. Additional materials will be discussed in class. Estimated material cost for a maple cabinet is $115.00

Topics will include:

  • Design
  • Box Construction
  • Developing a Cut-List
  • Use of the table saw, router table and, miter saw
  • Pocket Hole Joinery
  • Dado and Rabbet Joinery

  • Sundays, 9:00-11:30 am, May 19 – July 21 or,
  • Mondays, 9:00-11:30 am, May 20 – July 22, 2024.

Registration for the Early Summer session is closed.