Length:2-days, 9am-4pm |Price:$300.00 plus materials |Prerequisite: None
June 17 and 18, 2017(Closed)

Adirondack chairs have always been a favorite due to their iconic design, comfort, utility and relative ease of construction. The Adirondack design is instantly recognizable but there can be many slight variations. This class will use the most basic and instantly recognizable design.

Since you will be marking and cutting all of the required pieces from full size templates (provided), there will be opportunities for customization. A half scale model of the finished chair will allow you to visualize the construction process. You will complete the basic chair in class so be prepared to take a full size Adirondack home (two of these will fit in the back of small SUV, but just barely). Sanding and easing the edges prior to assembly will reduce the finishing time at home.

Students will learn to use the table saw, band saw and cross-cut saw. In addition, they will learn to use the router table and disc sander. Screws will be used for the joinery.

Materials Cost

Each Adirondack chair should take approximately 16 board feet of 4/4 material. Two 1 X 6 at eight feet and four 1 X 4 at eight feet. Allow for 20 board feet.

Cedar Decking – $85